How do I do something similar to Sine size with text?

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  • I want something like the Sine behavior "size" movement, but with text. This behavior seems to resize the textbox, but not the font size. I can't use a graphic, as the text is dynamic and will change each time it is spawned.

  • This might help you , you will have to fine tune it to meet your needs , I have used this on "Game Over" text display's .

    Since you are using sine behavior on text , add this action where it's appropriate for you .

    Text >set font size to text.sine.value

    It might not suit you but maybe give you an idea .

  • Oh cool. That ALMOST gets me where I want. Any idea how to stop the sine cycle from dropping negative? I have tried comparing the period and magnitude, and then setting the cycle at a certain point, but that doesn't seem to work.

  • set your period to 0.5 and your action to Text >set font size to clamp(text.sine.value,12,32)

    I'm not sure of what you want exactly , hope it's close .

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  • Now I feel dumb. I totally forgot clamp was an option. I think I can tweak it to my liking. Thank you so much!

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