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  • Hey,

    I am new to Construct 2 and its my first time posting on the forums so forgive me if I make a few mistakes with posting.

    I have searched and checked out some examples but i have not found what i would like to do.

    I am using the flying template and would like, when the player dies, to show a message with their score and their best score. Can anyone possibly help me with creating variables and a pop up for it? as well as a button to restart. I do understand all the basics of programming.

    Thank you :D

  • if you know the basics, then you understand how to use a variable for the score, right?

    what you described entails a variable, creation of some objects, and finally a key to restart layout (which is already an action in C2)

    it sounds like you should just have a go at making it and come back if you run into a specific problem

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  • Yeah that sounds like a great idea and since i have been doing that, i just cant figure out, since it doesnt look like Construct has specific IF functions, how would i say that if score>best then score=best? Thanks for the reply by the way :P

  • system compare two values: score>bestscore : system set variable bestscore to score?

  • Oooooh okay.. I couldnt find that, maybe coz i skimmed through it, Thank you :D what about testing if an instance still exists in a layout? because once the player has been destroyed i need to stop the score from adding up, sorry for all the amateurish questions >_<

  • You could just add an event on player destroyed.

    or you could add a system compare player.count is 0

    or put all the events concerning the score in a group and deactivate it in the same event you destroy the player.

    There's probably more possibilities I can't think of in these 5 seconds

    But how could the score go up anyway if the player is destroyed?

  • Oh okay i understand, i'll try and see which one is best suited :P The score keeps going up because its the flying template and it just does it on system every tick

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