Something I don't understand with instance events

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  • Here is the screenshot of my actions that are working as intended:

    When compiled, the app screen looks like this:

    Three instances of the same sprite with different animation frame set to each one.

    I am trying to figure out why is that event construction is not working:

    I thought that this way it should work exactly the same.

    Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  • Why not just do it this way?

  • when you say it doesn't work - what exactly doesn't work?

    plus it's not the same when you have an event that has 3 subevents - that fire when main event runs and

    3 events that run one by another each with it's own subevent. so there is your problem. not understanding how event sheet works.

    also from guide - "Events run top to bottom

    The order of events is important. Every event is checked once per tick (about 60 times a second on most computers), and they are run from top to bottom in the event sheet. "

    also - what spongehammer told you.

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  • Many thanks to you, spongehammer and saiyadjin!

    I am understand that this is my error, or rather misunderstanding of the way that events work. I have this picture when this app "misbehaves":

    And I expected it to work like it is in my first message. I am just try to understand how instances works and how to address them properly in my event sheet. I am sorry if that sounds offensive to anybody.

    I am understand the importance of the event's order, but still don't understand why my second event sheet is not working "properly". Two instances are sharing the same place and they aren't changed their animation frame, but why?

  • In your second example Sprite instance 1 & 2 dont exist until the event completes so you cant pick them in the sub events.

  • Spongehammer, thank you so much! I was blind, but now I can see!

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