Can Someone do a video explaining how to export to crosswalk

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  • Hello Great Community, today i am fortunate enough to be a part of this awesome forum...

    I need some support for anyone on this forum to show how to export to crosswalk for android.

    I have tried but failed every time the app gets build and when i install and test on my nexus 7 It crashes.

    I feel there is some thing that i am missing the text tutorial is good but over the shoulder follow will be great to learn from.

    Hope some one will help me get my first app build using crosswalk.

    To mention i have tested cocoonjs and it works great just wanted to test crosswalk for the admob ads and as it being the default android export option.

    Please guys help us (i call it us because there are many once out there like me i feel)

  • I am having the same problem. Trying to build with intel xdk and using the crosswalk option will generate a file. when this file is sent to the phone it will not run. the app installs, but crashes as soon as it opens. I am using a Samsung Note 3, android 4.4.2. And Crosswalk 184.

  • Still could not fix this problem help is highly appreciated...

  • I haven't made a video, but maybe my tutorial can help you. ... crosswalk/

    To see a overview of all tutorials please visit:

  • It should be pretty simple.1.Export as android from construct into a folder of its own. 2. Run Intel XDK and create a new project. 3. copy the contents of the exported folder into the Intel projects folder for the project you created and into the www sub directory. 4. see if emulates 5. build it as crosswalk android 6. Download the apk's extract them pick the right one for your device. Its as simple as that. You can then sort the finer details of the app out in the XDK when you build next time.

  • BinaryPanda .. thanks for the advice. I tried that and when you copy the arm file to the device it loads, the construct loading icon completes, and then the phone says "unfortunately this app has stopped"

    Is this bug reportable? This same app works in:

    1. The play menu from construct 2

    2. The emulator in intel xdk

    3. The html 5 version when installed on a web site (

    4. On my device when I export using the old android method.

    Am I missing a step or required plugin for crosswalk android?


  • AndreasR .. thanks for the tip. I used the steps you posted, but with no luck.

    I even updated to construct 2 build 185. I can get all the way through the intel xdk build and that works. when I install this on the phone the phone tries to open the app, but it says that the app has stopped and it closes.

    any ideas?

  • Gregster I am having one issue with Google Play working with Crosswalk, and once I get this figured out, and with the blessing of AndreasR and cranberrygame , I will be making video tutorials on Intel XDK and how to get multiple things to work based on their tutorials and plugins. So video coming soon, man!

  • Gregster

    If you fail to use c2 Admob plugin.

    You can try Phonegap Admob plugin.

    try "Xdk - +New Project - Import an Existing HTML5 Project" when create xdk project.

    See details about creating and building xdk project: ... index.html



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  • Gregster If you havent already, try exporting a test app to see if the process works before you try your full project.

  • BinaryPanda good idea. Does anyone have a link to the latest test capx with google play and or admob?


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