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  • playing around with this fishing concept... was trying to show my son how to mess around with C2.... having hard time getting that black dot the (lure) to STICK to the bottom of the line as it moves up and down... tried to set it's position to string.ImagePointX(1) but that's not working...

    any ideas??

  • Don't spawn and destroy a new "string" instance, use the one that is already in the project.

    And to make sure the next sine cycle goes down as expected add an action "String.Sine Set cycle position to 0" in the event "Space key pressed" that drops the line in the water (put that action before activating the cycle).

    Make sure to also set the string position relative to the rod's position every tick and you should be good to go.

  • Right, I've got it to a working point. See the comment in the Event Viewer. Ask any questions you may.

    EDIT: So it turns out Kyatric got there first, what he explains is what I've shown (plus a little tidying)

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  • oh perfect thank you soo much the other thing I learned from that exp is the sine details

    Edit: one more question - when the HOOK hits the fish how can I set the string to stop there instead of keep going down.... from the point it hits the fish start going back up??? what values would I want to look for?

    briggybros? Kyatric?

  • You possibly would want to check from there what is the current length of the rope at that moment and set it as the current magnitude of the sine behavior.

    This way, the rope would likely start to go up.

    If you want that someone gets a warning when you use their nickname on the forum put a before their nickname, unless you are posting in a topic they started.

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