can someone review this capx and help me with swap function.

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  • this is a capx demo of swap 4 squares with 4 squares :

    someone made it a few days ago. the mechanics are : first click 4 squares ( a , b , c , d ) these squares are selected. then click 4 other squares ( d , e , f , g ) now the first 4 squares swap positions with 4 other squares. in this case, square a swaps positions with square d ... square b swaps with square e. and so with others.

    iam trying to get the same function but this time not with 4 squares but 3. example. first select 3 squares then select 3 other squares and then they swap positions. can someone who understands the mechanics modify the capx ? thanks

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  • at event 2 change array size to (6, 2, 1) then look at event 6 and change value 4 with 3. Go to event 8, change value 8 with 6. Last go to event 10; change condition repeat 8 times with 6 times then change set mindex value from (loopindex+4)%Array.Width to (loopindex+3)%Array.Width.

    There you go.

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