Someone please tell me how can I solve this problem !!

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  • Hi, I have been using C2 to create many Android mobile games and exported all my games using cocoonjs and everything went well, but recently I am facing a problem that never seen before. After I compiled my game using ludei cloud compiler and ready to download the .rar file, it says that the .rar file has a malware in it and suggested me not to download the .rar file because it is DANGEROUS. I am using Google Chrome browser to download the file and there's no problem before and when I am using Firefox to download the file, everything went well, can someone please tell me what is the source of problem here, is it the browser or ludei cloud compiler ? (Please refer to the screenshot attached)

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  • never seen that kind of error , i have tested CJS some times and everything went well. I can only say that I don't think it's a malware file or something like that, but maybe I can be wrong, so some other experienced members can help you.

  • Download the file, than scan it with and antivirus AND a malware scanner (I recomment MalwareBytes Anti-Malware).

  • Hello,

    That pop-up is from the browser or is it triggered by a Antivirus program? Sorry for the late response.


  • Its from the browser because after I switched to different browser, everything worked as always

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