Can Someone Give Me More Info On Dictionarys?

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  • Hi everyone im just here looking to get some more info on dictionarys and how to use them alittle better.

    I really need to know the basics on what i should do first to set up the dictionary for my inventory.

    I have a good many of items and i just would like to know where to start.

    I really dont like arrays too much and i feel like the dictionary is far more simplified and easier to understand.

    Can anyone give me a hand on this topic,I have looked at the manual but it is lacking details on how to actually use this feature.

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  • I love dictionary.

    Here is inventory with dictionary for you :)


    A great trick to see what is happening in background - especially for arrays (I know you don't like, because you can't visualize)

    Run layouts in debug mode and see the data filling dictionary/array

    ctrl+F4 to run in debug mode

  • Thank you so much!! DUTOIT you are right when it comes to me not being able to visualize i feel kinda lame for not learning through the curve when it comes to arrays.thank you once again man this will help me out so much

  • You probably still will need to work with arrays, if you don't want to clutter your events with stats that each item gives, but rather load a json or csv and then load the values out of the array.

    I think imagining arrays in 2D should not be too hard enough, because it works like a spreadsheet. You've probably worked with spreadsheets at one point or at least seen them.

  • The only thing that confuses me about your CapX file DUTOIT is everything is in text format.Is it supposed to be that way or can i do this in a different way without everything being text boxes?

    mindfaQ i know i will need to learn arrays eventually but as of now i can not comprehend is overly complicated on construct for me.

  • RookieDev

    You can use text or image. The guy I originally did it for wanted text.

    Okay, just wrote this quickly. Very simple version of image.

    Inventory With Images and dictionary

  • DUTOIT Thank you!! i will check this out as soon as i get off work man thank you once again

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