How do I make som ething a turret, and have it fire at me

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  • My game Fly Buu Fly, I'm trying to get my large ghosts to rotate, target me while i'm jumping, and fire "plasma" (bullet) at me. The "plasma" has no properties, there is none on the left side (no idea why).


  • There is a Turret Defense template built into Construct that can show you everything you need to know about creating a game using turrets. Just create a new project and search for it in the list.

    There are 2 actions on a sprite that you can use. "Set angle toward position" or "Rotate toward position", then use the X and Y values from the player object in the position fields of the action. Of course any of the rotate functions would work but these 2 are the easiest for what you need.

    I hope this helps and good luck with your project.

  • I did all that..but my bullet has no properties..

    I wanted to post a picture of it, but I don't have enough rep lol.

  • Not quite sure what you mean by "has no properties". Are you referring to bullet behavior properties? If so, make sure you have assigned the plasma object a bullet behavior.

    Also I believe you can attach a .capx file with no rep so attach what you have got so far and it will be easier for someone to sort it out for you.

    In Construct2 choose "Save as single file" option to make a .capx file.

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  • Oh thanks! I attached it to my first post.

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