[solved]Scrolling to follow the player while zoomed in help!

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  • Hi, so my goal is to zoom into the character while the player uses the arrow keys, and then zoom back out to regular view when not pressing anything

    zooming is the easy part,

    but the problem is it only zooms into the center of the screen. (at least it zooms out like i want haha)

    I want it to show the entire character though, and follow him when he gets hit and moves backwards a bit

    I've messed around with the scroll to behavior, as well as the system action but have come up with no solution.

    the unbounded scrolling is on, ive tried to add an invisible camera that follows, but it seems like scrolling is just busted.

    heres a suuuper basic capx https://1drv.ms/u/s!An5y0usdvLgsjw8ZmLt_o7ObXmhY

    arrow keys to zoom

    space to get knocked back

    hope this post makes sense, im pretty tired as of writing this haha

  • The layer scale zooms in the middle so you either need to move your guy up t o begin with or do something like this... but you'll have to play with it to get the right ratio...

  • thank you for the reply! I will try that as soon as I get back to my desktop haha. will this affect other sprites? because I've got a ton that I took off of this capx and I need it to just zoom and follow the player without changing everything around him.

  • well it was a good idea, but it doesn't quite work with all the stuff around the player.. is there anyway to change the layout height itself?

  • blech I cannot figure this out.. either I move every object upwards while zoomed in.. which has been causing just a slew of issues haha.. or I find a way to make it so the camera just zooms down a little bit more.. I bet theres a really simple solution that I'm not seeing

  • never mind I messed around with paralax settings and got something woohoo!!

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  • Nice. If you end up having to move things up consider defining families of objects to make it easier. It sounds like you got it!

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