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  • So I have a game with falling Lines. It mostly works. But I have this very odd bug I can't solve.

    I have 5 spawners. They have set locations, and NEVER MOVE. Therefore there are 5 possible spots a line can spawn from.

    Every so often however, A line will spawn in-between two spawners!

    Even stranger an occasional line will come out of a spawner that as far as I know should be Impossible to create said line.

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  • Figured out what was wrong. Long story short is the code was, as I suspected, working as intended.

    Ended up I had an art asset flipped off to the side somewhere so all related art was not being created properly.

    Can't say I like that "feature" of construct. Spent 2 days re-writing the same code only to find that while my art was correct, some random piece off to the side was flipped.

    One can't even check for this when looking at the actual art files. *sigh* glad I got it working though.

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