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  • Hi everyone,

    I am wondering how to go about making an inventory that is in a Draggable Box that i can have on touch screens.I want the player to use his/her finger to pull up the draggable box from the bottom of the window veiw.

    I just cant seem to figure out the first step to go in.I cant fathom the thought of having my inventory in a seperate layout and having that layout draggable.It dosnt sound like it would work that way thats why im here.

    If all else fails i would love to have an inventory similar to Terraria or Minecraft but how to i make a layer popup within a layer if that sounds about right.

  • I've made you 2 versions. 1 will toggle the inventory open/closed, the other will allow the user to drag the inventory open/closed.


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  • EncryptedCow,I want to thank you for showing me this,but i was really looking for directive.I am grateful to get help from you but at the same time i dont want you to think im asking you guys to make my game for me.

    i have a few questions about this if you have the time to anwser.

    Will this work with any size layout if i just pin it to the window view,and on my gui layer?

    Also would this work the same if i draw the array slots in the box?

  • Yeah it should work with any layout as long as you change the sizes and numbers to what you want.

    And just pin/set position every tick for all the objects that are part of the slidey inventory

  • EncryptedCow Thanks man,I was looking at the way you did it,It kinda confused me at first but i seen the layout was the same size as the window view.Thanks again

    i will also send you a little sneak peek at my new backrounds.Check your pms and tell me if you like them

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