[solved]Layout Issue: AI Events between layouts

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  • Okay so looked through the FAQ to see if anything similar been posted didn't see anything. Tried to do a search, but also turned up nothing for me.

    I'm making a pacman game based on the tutorial and capx from: Cloning the Classics: PacMan Tutorial written by stemkoski "Tutorials > Beginner > General > Cloning the Classics: PacMan" URL was removed since I need 300 more rep, so posting where it is with the Tutorial and Capx this way.

    Stage 1 works perfectly fine the Ghosts will follow after Pacman and then run away when getting the power up. Now recently I added a Stage 2 that is also calling upon the same Event Sheet that Stage 1 uses. Everything works but one thing on stage 2 which is the Ghosts just walk through the walls to the right heading off the screen and just keep going. Every single other function works for the event sheet on Stage 2. I've tried troubleshooting where I just did a Duplicate Stage 1 with the Event Sheet to see if it's something inside my Stage 2 layout that's causing the issue. But the exact same that stage 2 is doing where they just go to the right.

    Has anyone tried to make multiple stages with this tutorial and had the same ghost issue and found a solution? If so, how do I fix this.


  • Can you PM me the capx? I'll take a look.

  • TheDom I can't do PMs yet since not 500 rep. But here's essentially the capx and what it's doing. You can see that running the layout on Stage 1 it runs like it's supposed to. Then if you run Layout on Stage 2 they decide they don't want to play and just walk off the edge of the map to the right.

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  • Bump to see if anyone else out there can figure it out. Still been trying things but haven't had any luck.

  • You need to set the AvailableDirections array global.

    And you might want to set the change the bullet 'Set angle' property to 'No' on PacMan and the Ghosts.

  • ramones perfect works now thanks. And yeah the Pacman and ghosts animations I had already fixed in my updated version.

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