[SOLVED]How do I scroll in text mobile?

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  • Hello to all

    In my mobile app i have the txt object, the text object contains a lot of information more than the size of the text object.

    the problem is, when i compile the app for android, with intel xdk, the app works but the text is not fully displayed, i cant scroll inside if i want to read all the text.

    The multiline object is buged to death under android so i don't use it anymore, if i scroll inside the text it make all the app scrolling and the app leave the android screen.

    The Unbounded scrolling inside my construct2 is disabled.

    can someone help me to how make the text inside the text object scroll when i touch/ the object under android?


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  • This question has been asked and aswered many times on this forum..

    Easiest way I can think of is using drag and drop, but searching the forum you will be able to find way better looking solutions..

  • Solved, i removed the text object and used the object "text box", and it solved everything with the css properties, and also the scroll works perfectly under Android.


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