[SolvedHow do I remove the censorship in speech recognition?

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  • Hey.

    Is there a way to remove the censorship of the speech recognition?

    For example if the user says "shit" the game only safes "s***" in the variable, leading in wrong results. It not only censores the text displayed but also the text safed in variables.

    If this is not possible I whould suggest it as a new feature. Toggle censorship in text displayed (instead of censoring variables or speech recognised). :>

    Thanks in advance.

  • No solutions? =(

  • Overall I'd recommend not using Speech Recognition on games at all.. Just because it's quite unstable system and would harm foreign players a lot. For example, i know that even though my English is (almost) ok while written, my pronunciation is so off that I can't use any voice based search or dictation systems. And yes. I have tried more than once and with more than one system.

  • Not to mention accents, or those with general imperfect speech. Speech recognition might work of you're catering to Nigeria, but for the rest of us... There's a reason why most big companies who've attempted to introduce it on their telephone systems (at the cost of many millions) have ditched it.

  • So you say constructs speech recognition is an useless feature...? I'm even foreign and I have no problems using the speech recognition. Also there aren't complex sentences in my game. I think everyone can say, for example, ,,go to the tree". Additionally I will add speechless controls.

    But this censoreship bothers me.

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  • The censorship seems to be part of Google's Web Speech API, not something Scirra added. I couldn't find any way to disable it.


  • Oh ok. Good to know.

    Thank you for your effort.

  • Yes, any censorship is done internally by the browser, we do not apply any from Construct 2 and are not aware of any way to disable it from our engine. I don't know why they would do this - you can still type in those words...

  • Thanks for clearing this up. I'll find a way around this.

  • I would not go to say it's totally useless, but you have to understand it's limitations. IMHO it's still on gimmicky side, but not as badly as Google Glass or similar.

  • Okay. I will test out its limitations.

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