[Solved]How do I use "runtime.trigger" in plugin?

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  • Hi, I write a simple plugin to implement 'function' object like in C1.

    There is my plugin and test capx.


    I call 'runtime.trigger' in acts.CallFunction to trigger cnds.OnFunctionCalled.

         acts.CallFunction = function (name)
            this._function_name = name; 
           ??this.runtime.trigger(cr.plugins_.MyFunction.prototype.cnds.OnFunctionCalled, this);
         cnds.OnFunctionCalled = function (name)
              return (this._function_name == name);

    It works fine, OnFunctionCalled can be triggered correctly.

    But, there are something wrong when go back to caller.

    I find that in eveng.js, function: run_actions_and_subevents

              // Run each action
              for (evinfo.actindex = 0, len = this.actions.length; evinfo.actindex < len; evinfo.actindex++)
                  ?if (this.actions[evinfo.actindex].run())

    evinfo.actindex is incorrected when runtime.trigger finished.

    In my test case,

    evinfo.actindex = 2 when executing action line 3 (Call function).

    Event "On function" only has 1 line, so that evinfo.actindex = 1 when leaved.

    Now, go back to previous for loop (run_actions_and_subevents). The evinfo.actindex changed to 1 (before was 2)

    So that line 3 will be executed again, and again.

    Do I miss something about using 'runtime.trigger'?

  • Oops, you've uncovered an engine bug - triggering from an action does not preserve the current running event. I've fixed it for the next build. If you try again when it's out, it should work.

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  • Thanks a lot.

  • Function plugin test pass in r57, thanks.

  • Thanks, good to know!

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