[Solved]How do I efficiently create a game tutorial.

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  • When the player starts a game for the first time I want a static text tutorial to start. This will involve the player being told what all the HUD elements are and so on. My idea is to have message boxes in which the player can click a button to move on to the next message. I am wondering what is the best way to do this resource wise.

    My thoughts are that I should just have one Sprite which will be the main message border that I can toggle visibility on and off. Inside that I have one text object with many instances for all the different text tutorial content. As it stands I have around 20 instances for the text. For each new message I destroy the old instance and make the new instance but I am not sure if this is costly resource wise.

    Is there a best practice/example for text tutorials and using loads of text?


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  • After playing around I now have an array that reads messages in from a file. I then iterate through the array as the "next" button is clicked. This mean I only have one text object, and one sprite object for the border. I don't think I can make it any more efficient.

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