[Solved]How do I - Disable a behavior with events?

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  • Is this possible?

    On start of layout, I want all objects outside of layout destroyed (Done by destroy outside of layout behavior)

    After that, I want them to no longer be destroyed outside of layout. (I have an object that connects to the mouse, so if the player reaches the outside of the layout it destroys the object)

    I think I should probably just have "on start of layout, destroy x,y,z, etc" But I was just curious if it was possible for events to disable/remove behaviors from entire families.

    Edit: I fixed the issue with the mouse object being destroyed by setting it bound to layout, so it's never destroyed by exiting. - Still wondering if the above is possible though!

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  • Most behaviors do have an option to disable/enable them which you can access through conditions, but unfortunately Destroy Outside Layout is one of the ones that doesn't. AFAIK it has no properties whatsoever.

  • Ah, alright, thanks.

    I was worried I was going insane sifting through all of the events wondering why I could find one for every other behavior except destroy.

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