[SOLVED]How do I add to behavior properties?

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  • Hello World,

    If I use behaviors like platform and bullet, how can I add to the values I initially set?

    For example let's say the platform behavior of an object has max speed 300 initially. Then I want to have an event every x seconds add +10 to max speed. So I use system event every x seconds then set max speed action and then what do I write there...? Because I don't want it to just set a new max speed, I want it to add to the current max speed, or acceleration or whatever I choose.

    If I wasn't clear enough let me know guys and I'll be glad to clarify myself.

    Thank you everyone.

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  • You would add the value to the sprites platform.maxspeed value:

    Sprite.Platform.MaxSpeed + amountToAdd

    All of the properties of a behavior are accessed by typing the name of the object, then a period (.) connecting the behavior, then a period connecting the property name.

  • Great, exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you very much.

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