[SOLVED]can't install my cocoonJS apk

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  • Hi all,

    I've made a game and published it for android using cocoonJS, after getting the unsigned release apk from cocoonJS, I followed instructions from this forum to get a keystore file and follow the steps until I zipaligned my apk. It works fine without problem, now I have autobo_release1.0.apk which is my final game file

    but when I'm about to install it on my tablet (and my brother's phone), I got an error saying "Application not installed" with no other details. I don't know how it's like this. Any help or advice? thanks

    (do I need to upload my apk here? I don't think so, but well, maybe...)

  • What version of the JDK did you use? I had a similar problem earlier and I read on the forum that version 7 of the JDK could create problems. I changed to version 6 instead and that did it for me.

  • Same problem here. Switched to JDK v6 and my signings worked.

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  • I used JDK 7, always thought that newer is better

    will download version 6 and see if it works


    JDK 6 worked! thanks a lot!

  • Big thanks! I encountered the same problem and got fixed changing to JRE6!

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