[SOLVED]C2 Freezing/loading and AMD 13.10 driver

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  • I've been having issues with C2 since the last beta release. Since this is happening on all capx files I have tried, I assume it might be a bug with C2 in general, but since I'm not sure I figured I should post it here first. There are 2 problems I've noticed.

    1 Problem occurs When I open C2. I see three small white windows open and disappear before C2 opens, which I have never noticed before. Opening a project can take several minutes now. this did not happen in the previous releases.

    2nd problem occurs when I click on a something in the event sheet, the "objects" window goes through everyone of my layouts very slowly before I can add/modify /delete anything to the event sheet.

    I'm wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem?

    My system specs

    amd 8350 (stock speed)

    gigabyte 990fx ud3

    12 gigs ram 1600 9 9 24

    2TB HD seagate 64Mb

    1TB WD 64Mb

    6870 CFX (stock speed)

    Soundblaster rage pro wireless

    coolermaster 850W

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  • I don't experience any issues with either the stock examples, or with much larger projects, which implies to me that it must be something to do with your system.

    I would backup your C2 folder somewhere, then uninstall, delete the remaining folder, reboot and re-install C2. Open one of the stock examples/templates and test.

    Also, reset the dialogs from preferences, just in case.

    After that, if it still causes issues, then there must be something else interfering, such as dodgy display driver, etc.

  • Thanks for replying Zenox, seems you were right on.

    Until I read your post I forgot that I had upgraded my driver to the Catalyst 13.10 beta driver.

    Once I reverted back everything is fine again.

    I fairly sure the problem was The 13.10 Driver, as it has a new feature called Frame Pacing.

    Frame Pacing syncs the Crossfire setup and really cuts down on micro stutter.

    I really like it , shame it breaks C2. I really hope it's not a problem when the whql 13.10 driver get released.

    Regardless, I probably would have been stuck on this one for a while so thanks a bunch,:) <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Great, I run Crossfire X (Quad Crossfire) on my machine... hopefully I don't run into this...

  • Please let me know if you do. What driver are you currently running?

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