[SOLVED]Bullet Behavior Bounce HELP!

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  • Hello, I'm experiencing a bug that I just cant seem to squash.

    While using the Bullet Behavior on a 16x16 Ball Sprite, (Speed = 200 // Gravity = 10 // Bounce off Solids = No // Set Angle = No),

    The ball will occasionally get stuck bouncing back and forth Vertically or Horizontally forever.

    For instance , || O -----------||----O---------||--------O-------||----------O--||------------O||

    In the events, I'm using, "Ball is overlapping Collider?" > Bounce Bullet off Collider. How can I adjust this so that it will never get stuck using the Bullet behavior?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, this is basically the last game breaking bug in my game!

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  • You can make the angle of motion change randomly a bit right after a bounce.

    Ball: is overlappin collider

    --- ball: bounce off collider

    --- ball: set angleOfMotion to ball.bullet.angleOfMotion+random(-5,5)

    If that's too much use a value smaller than 5.

  • ...Incredible response time, that fixed it completely. You sir, are my god. Thank you so much!!

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