[Solved]Auto movement, despite input.

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  • I?ve been testing wall jump mechanics. Currently I?m playing with this tutorial. scirra.com/tutorials/452/platformer-enhancements-wall-jumping

    My problem is that the player has too much control up front. Here?s what I want to test out:

    -Player performs a wall jump

    -Character object moves on it?s own, until the jump reaches it?s peak. (Player has no control until this happens.)

    -Once peak jump is reached, control is given back to the player.

    Sure, I can easily take away player input, but I don?t know how to make the player object continue moving. It just pops slightly away from the wall, and stops.

    It?s this sort of popping away behavior that?s bugging me. I want the jump to follow through, automatically.

  • Set a variable on jump, and have a condition on your control events that left arrow, etc... only works when it is pressed and the variable = whatever. That way when you jump you set the variable to something that does not allow the arrows to work, then when you reach the apex of the jump (is falling) you set the variable back to something that allows them to move.

  • Maybe even put a condition that says if NOT jumping. That way you don't even have to use a variable. May be simpler and cleaner that way. You just don't have as much control. A player will show as jumping up until they reach the apex of the jump at which point they will show as falling.

  • The man himself. :) Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it. I'm still in the same boat, however.

    What happens is, the object pushes away from the wall in the X axis, then it stops, and continues to move straight up in the Y axis, until apex. Like an L shape movement.

    I need some way to tell the object to continue moving away from the wall, until player input is restored.

    I've got a few ideas, but they seem overly complicated. The price I pay for being a newbie. ;)

  • If you post a capx I can take a look for you.

  • Sure thing.


    Woah! I just realized, I think I misunderstood something crucial in one of your posts. (Forgive me, I've been awake for about 24 hours.)

    Going to make some adjustments and see what happens.

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  • Got it figured out. I've been able to create several different results, actually, with varying player control levels.

    The simplest method was to set a variable when ever a wall jump happens, and then tell the object to move at a specific angle until falling. In my case it was 180 or -180 degrees. That's the basic idea, at least.

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