[SOLVED] Why Textbox don't work in mobile?

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  • Hello everyone! ^^

    I put the Textbox in a casual mobile game and when I compiled in Ludei/CocoonJS, he didn't appear.

    Can anyone tell me what might be happening?

    I thank the attention and cooperation of all.


    The solution was to change the Textbox by SpriteFont. Ok, it may seem obvius at first, but I used the Textbox to recognize the touch angle of the player on the screen. I'm also doing everything alone game, so be patient with me. ^^

    Thanks for the support and patience, guys!

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  • Textbox plugin not supported via cocoonjs, and neither is the button, etc. Pretty much all form controls. It's documented that CocoonJS does not support form controls. cocoonjs is also depreciated. But you know that

    Note: CocoonJS has text input workarounds so ask them.

  • Thanks for the info, I swear I didn't know that. I use the C2 recently.

    What is the best alternative to Cocoon, especially in terms of performance and stability for mobile devices?

  • terms of performance and stability for mobile devices [now that is where it gets tricky - lol]

    But this should get you going...phonegap

    But why you using TextBox? and do you really need it?

    I create my own keyboard which appends to a text box or spritefont and save data that way. I can then control the styling etc etc. Sure TextBox has css, but styling really isn't the best.

  • I used the Textbox in an angle recognition system for a mobile game that I did.

    Now that the game is completely finished, the Cocoon precisely failed at it its mechanical function.

    In this case the Textbox stores the numbers related to the angle (360/45), as the player touches the screen in any direction.

    Any suggestions?

  • Another thing, Letterbox Scale doesn't work on Cocoon.

    Following recommendations, I developed it into a HD resolution (864x486), so that it perfectly fits to any mobile device, but in compiling the game is with a stripe below it.

    You know how to solve this?

  • And ludei webview? - sorry I haven't used webview or ludie for some time, but they have gone to great lengths to change the public image and have been pretty active in making things better.

    I don't know what can/can't be done. Perhaps follow up with them, they might offer work-a-rounds.

    Look, I dislike ludei, for the issues I had, but they have been pretty active, and might have some solutions for you.

  • Thanks for your attention and collaboration, DUTOIT!

    I solved the recognition problem changing the Textbox by SpriteFont.

    This was simple to fix, but I'm so stressed out doing everything alone (game design, graphics, animation, programming etc.) that doesn't think of it first.

    Since I'm new in the C2 community, I'm out of everything that has happened. Only knew the Ludei was a good solution and, taking these limitations, I am quite satisfied with the service they offer.

  • DUTOIT My greatest headache with Ludei/Cocoon (though not sure if they are to blame) is with the Canvas, as I did a casual game using this plugin, but unfortunately ran to one frame per second. That is, infeasible.

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