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  • The problem I'm having is no matter what setting I put it on my Background graphic get distorted. It's not much but I know what it's supposed to look like and it should be a lot clearer.

    Take a look at my game and see how the BG starts to look pixelated around the basketball and the icons.

    I've tried every view setting and it still does this. The BG is 800x600 and so are my margins and stage area.

    Link Here: http://markesswilder.com/tipshotball4itall/

    I want it to be as filled to the screen as can be but I want it to look smooth and clear like it should.

    Any suggestions to fix this. I guess I could put everything on layers but I thought just making one BG would be easier was I wrong?

    Thank you in advance.

  • I just played your game. LOVE IT!

    Regarding your image distortions...

    Are you, by any change, adjusting the sprite sizes by pulling the handles to make the images larger? (Just a wild guess)

    I use images, even lines of text (copyright etc.) which I export to .png image format and there is no distortion.

    Let's start there for now.

    If yes, just make the buttons and icons the size you want them to be and don't adjust them further unless you do it by opening the sprite and make size changes there.

    To find out if sizes have been manipulated, click on a image sprite or icon and then on the "Make 1:1" link (Properties panel). If the size changes, then you found your culprit.

    Let us know.

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  • What option are you using?

    Linear or point.

  • Sorry to budge in, but I have a follow-up on the same topic... can I use that setting in mobile devices?

    (Also, just look here -- -- if you ever get a chance to help a newbie)

  • First thanks for the love on the game I hope to see you on the leader board soon. After following your directions I realized that I am the culprit. I tried to short cut my time from using so many sprites by building all the icons into the background that I made in Photoshop. Since everything was the right size I figured I would just make it all one background and just use transparent sprites over the buttons to make them click-able. I can now assume that the BG is just readjusting itself slightly because its all one thing instead if the normal readjusting of each sprite image.

    I will go back and save everything separately and add them in as I should have in the first place to get the best quality as I should have known better.

    Thank you again this helped a lot.

    A0Nasser It's on Point I believe. I was not sure what that did. What are the best settings to use?

    Thank you for your help it's appreciated.

  • A0Nasser

    It needed to be Linear, that cleared it right up thank you and the thank you your advice was needed as well I really need to put the quality work into it if I want the quality work out of it.

    Thank youvery much - NOW GO BEAT MY SCORE! (if you can)


  • I'm happy that you problem is solved.

    If anyone using Pixel art set the sampling option to Point

    If using Vector art set the option to Linear.

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