[Solved] Weird iOS export bug

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  • Hey there guys o/

    How've you been ?

    I developed a new game using construct2 and I am trying to upload it to the App Store. But after exporting the xcarchive using cocoon the game seems modified. After the splash screen finishes loading, a black screen with the game logo on it appears and freezes. The weird part is that this black screen with the game logo can not be found anywhere in the project, it only appears after I export it to xcarchive.

    Testing the game on browser or as a .apk works perfectly.

    Weird right? I don't know if maybe I am using some inappropriate configuration or anything of the sort. After the splash screen I used to get a black screen and then the game would crash. I solved this problem by following the instructions here: https://docs.cocoon.io/article/construc ... een-issue/

    After changing this settings the black screen bug stopped but then unexpected screen started appearing.

    Maybe there are other settings I should change, or anything like that, If anyone have anything information to share about this, it would help a lot.

    Thank you all for your attention.

    Best regards <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

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  • Hmm, have you posted on the cocoon io forum? But to be honest you hardly get a reply these days. Apart from Andy over there he will help you out I'm sure 😉

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