[solved] trigger subconditions in a function with parameter?

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  • Hi folks,

    whilst playing around on a new project i stummbled upon a problem i'm not quite sure how to fix.

    As you can see I call a function with a parameter. The first command ("set animation [...]") in the function works fine, which means the parameter is correctly set to a string called "down" or "up" or whatever since my animations are named in that way.

    However the subevent conditions are not triggered even if the parameter has to be "down" (triggered on touch). Can anyone explain this to me plausible?

    Thanks in advance!



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  • You have to compare the parameter 0, not the parameter Function.Param(0)

    Function.Param(0) is the value of the 0th parameter

  • Thanks for the fast answer!

    Where is the difference? And how do I compare the other one since i can't find any condition/index command to check it.

    edit: I got it, thanks. I have to check function.param(1) since it's the 1# parameter not the 0th as u mentioned.

    Many Thanks

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