(Solved) trailer act like one when attached to truck

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  • Here is my project,

    what I want is my tractor to back up, attach to trailer, and drive around. I have all that working but one thing, the trailers Physics are not right. what I am I doing wrong? attached is my test project.

    WASD to move player, touch tractor to get in, WASD to drive tractor (car movements) back up to trailer to attach, Press Q to detach trailer. Press E to exit tractor.

    Click left mouse and drag to move screen, zoom in or out with middle mouse scroll

  • i'm new here, probably a better way, but i'm guessing the problem is with the physics...

    would faking it work? Something like the attached image..

    Not complete, but would give the illusion of the dragging physics..

    You'd have to limit the rotation and reverse it when the person is going backwards...

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  • thank you, trying this out. I was hoping for of a more physics feel to it using the physics system built in. I am new to and not very good with logic

  • There probably is a better solution like I said... only been at this a couple days myself... hope I can help..

  • anyone have any idea how I can use the Physics Joint system to act has a trailer hook up?

    Of a solution that might work for what I am looking for?

  • Figured it out! it works, it has a Very small bug, but I will work on that later, for the most part this is amazing!

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