[SOLVED] Touch feature issue

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  • I've made the following events

    Start of layout - set timescale 0

    -is touching object X

    (Subevent): on touch end - set timescale 1

    This works perfectly fine when I test it using a browser. However, when using cocoonjs it doesn't seem to work. I was wondering whether anyone else could confirm they experience the same problem, whether its the way I'm going about starting the game or is this just a cocoo

    Will also post on cocoonjs later if this is a bug there side :

    Thanks for reading :)

  • So I originally thought this might be a timescale issue with cocoonjs. However, after removing this I still had issues.

    I'm now experiencing problems with touch controls. They work perfectly fine in browser testing, but not with cocoonjs launch on android. Now I would say this is an obvious cocoonjs issue, except I used the exact same method in a new project (is touching - move in direction.x) and it worked fine with cocoonjs.

    So It seems to be something in my construct file, so I removed everything except the touch and movement events; same issue - works on browser not on mobile.

    I can't for the life of me think why the touch feature seems to have stopped working, I did later import a new animation strip to replace the old arrows. Maybe this caused an issue? But couldn't think why as it was still referencing the same sprite.

    link to capx : dl.dropbox.com/u/17611007/brokeproject.capx

    Thanks for reading

  • bump:)

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  • Late answer, cause I just had the same pb : iwanted to do a pause button, but it was working in chrome, but not on cocconjs.

    I simply used so the plugin Pause, and with it it works well :)

  • Thanks for the reply :). It was an issue with Clay.IO as it wasn't supported by cocoonjs.

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