[solved] stop array from filling with duplicate name/score?

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  • FINALLY! I got the array to show the names and scores on the leaderboard layout. But now, every time i go to that layout, the same name and score is filling up the array.

    If anyone has any idea why and can help with this, it would be extremely appreciated.


    *note - after the 1st time playing and saving the name, go

    'HOME' then 'OPTIONS' then 'LEADERBOARD'. Repeat and you'll see it filling the screen.

  • Because you have logic in event 7 on leaderboards where you add a name to the array, which is fine when you go to leaderboards at the end of a level but if you go to leaderboards from the main menu it tries to add a new name with the same logic.

  • That's what i was thinking. But i need to figure out the logic that will stop that if the playername and score are the same.

    I tried adding the events to a group starting with line 2 and if the playername and score are the same, then the group gets deactivated.

    Didn't work. I think my brain is turning to mush.

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  • Stare at it long enough you're bound to figure it out.

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