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  • Hi there!

    Somehow Im stuck on a rather simple question...

    To give you an idea what I am encountering:

    I got a field of 3x3 elements - in this case these are flowerpots.

    I later have to work with them - better said, they are "element of game".

    There is one single sprite for the pots itself, this sprite contains all the possible states (empty, filled with earth, filled with watered earth, seeded, etc.) in single animations (each animation should have his own frames) and the pots are selected by their UID (if even possible, lol). So, when we talk about

    I want to change the state of a pot, which is actually changed when I click on the sprite - and exactly that sprite with his UID, which I touch is selected.[/code:21s119u0]
    is [b][u]NOT [/u][/b]possible, then I would ask, do I really have to make 9 different sprites, containing 9 different functions in the event sheet with mostly the exactly same text (yes, I know that I could use a for-function or something similar to achieve what I want), but isnt it possible to do a "more elegant" version of my needs?
    Already studied  but didnt found something. In german I would prefer to say "I stand on the hose" (doesnt even know if such a phrase exists in english, lol) but I cant imagine a solution right now :S
    Edit: Im optimistic - here is the *.capx if someone has a clue   >> [url]http://www.proxymity.de/misc/potquestion.capx[/url]
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    Well, Im a bit ashamed what I asked..

    Thanks for your fast response!... yet so easy



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