(Solved) Spawning and scaling multiple instances

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  • Im trying to spawn a sprite at the same time in multiple scales, but somehow all im getting is one instance spawning in loop. How can i separate different separate instances from one sprite?

    My current setup:

    1."object" has instance variable "Scale", value of 1

    2.system-every 3 seconds-spawn "object"

    3."object"-on created-subtract 0.1 from "object" instance variable

    4.Set scale "object" from instance variable "Scale"

    I tried different versions of this, but none works

    any ideas?



  • according to this, every instance should spawn at scale 0.9

    you want every instance to be 0.1 smaller than the previous one?

  • yes, thats exactly. The idea is not to manually copy and paste different scale instances,

    but to let them spawn. That way i can finetune the result faster.

  • i have used a single global wariable for this. u dont actually need instance variables

    just make a global variable Scale

    each time u create object set its size to Scale and after that, substract 0.1 from Scale.

    just draw something on the attached file

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  • i was just doing the same thing =P

    anyway, since i already made this and all....

  • yes, of course. I got it working. Thanks a lot guys

    Now i understand why i didnt need instance variables.


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