[SOLVED] Sound "Tags" for Pause Not working =See my Attach

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  • I have 1 BG Music & 3 Sound Effects

    I have two button

    a) Music

    b) sound

    I want to pause both separately with relative buttons

    I give tag to BG Music "BG" it working on pressing Music Button

    I gave 1 "tag" to other 3 sound effect "sound" but its not working

    I also try to give them separate "Tag" but never works

    please suggest me the proper way of doing this


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  • It is the correct way to 'pauze' audio.

    Just have to interpreted that as 'pauze allready playing audio'.

    Newly started audio just starts playing, as supposed to be. You can not pauze 'play audio' actions. (i gamble that this is the problem you perceive)

    If that is what you want to do, then make any variable to represend 'yes audio'/'no audio' and use it with the 'on collissions'. Or use that 'frame' system that you have allready in place (nice solution).

    Instead of pauze the game effects, i guess you better 'stop' them.

  • Hi 99Instances2Go

    Thanks for reply

    If I tag "bg" instead of "sound"

    it pausing bg music

    but if "sound" then not doing

    Is it a bug ?

    One thing to be notice

    Bg music is 1 minute play & looping

    and effects are 1 second play & not looping

    I was thinking music is playing continuously that's y its working

    and effects are for 1 second so effects are playing and stopping immediately so their is nothing to pause & nothing to stop

    So we need to stop it to be played

    their is not action for this

    please suggest me a proper way of stopping this


    yes ! variable is good way of doing this

    Done it ! Thanksss

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