SOLVED show turrets line of sight with a sprite

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  • Hi,

    I'm looking to use the turret behaviour, but I would like to show the user how far the turret can see using a sprite (like a light)

    so lets say my turrets current range is 100, I would like display this, how would I go about doing that?


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  • nevermind have sorted it

    it anybody else was looking for the same thing but wasnt sure how here is how I did it...

    1: created a 50% transparent sprite

    2: added an even when I click ont he turret to move the transparent sprite to the turrents X & Y location

    3: set the transparents sprite width and height to the range of the turret

    This creates a 'view type' effect around the turret and shows you how far the turret can see on the map.

    Might not be of interest but just in case thought I would share.

  • Could you share a capx?, i wanna see how this worked out, if not it's fine

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