(solved) set position function causing wobbly sprites

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  • Hopefully someone can kindly assist with this strangely inconsistent issue I have.

    I'm testing some code whereby I move some objects along a path using MOVETO to travel between image points.

    The background itself moves (currently testing using a sine movement for simplicity), not a camera, due numerous design limitations, but that's just a basic description so you know what I am doing.

    The issue lies in this very simple function, or at least I think it is..

    SetX to TiledBackground.X+tankpointer1.X-tankpointer1.startx

    SetY to TiledBackground.Y+tankpointer1.Y-tankpointer1.starty

    some of the objects look fine and stay positioned in a satisfactory manner to the moving tiled background, however some dont' and wobble more than others.

    I thought it may be the position of an image point, or the position of the tiled background being set to a half pixel, but it isnt.

    The really odd thing is that it's the always the 2nd triggered tank object that wobbles more than the others.. or at least it does on this computer..

  • Try setting Pixel rounding to Off in project properties.

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  • dop2000 And Boom! smooth as silk! Thankyou!

    (removing CAPX)

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