[SOLVED] Scroll to, shake and unbounded layout.

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  • I'm having an issue(?) with shake action. This is an example:


    (my reputation is under 500 , so i can't post links, to try the capx, remove *)

    It 's a basic racing game, with only one event: when the car collides with a barrier, I want the screen to shake. The problem is that the collision with some barrier doesn't cause the screen to shake. Try it yourself smashing the car in to top screen barriers.

    The barriers are multiple instances of the same object. Why some collisions invoke the shake behavior and some others not? I've tried to change the barrier sprite dimensions, but doesn't seem to work anyway.

    I'dont know where the error is.

    I'll appreciate any help.

    Thank you!!

  • Have you set unbounded scrolling to "Yes" under the layout properties? I haven't tried your capx but that usually is the problem

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  • I'll change the title...maybe it can help other newbies like me...

    Thanks again!!

  • Glad it worked for you. Good luck with your project

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