[solved] How do I get reaction time

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  • Hi everyone, i've got the (more or less great) idea to make a cognitiv test on construct 2.

    In fact i need a resolution about +-10ms, when a key is press on the keyboard (or touched on visual keyboard)

    I've try with dt but the is some ramdom variation, and it's scale to the frame rate.

    Sorry abour my poor english, i've tried my best ...

    Thanks for every answer

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  • So you're trying to measure reaction time? The "on key pressed" events are triggers, so they can happen at any time instead of just on a tick. Also the "wallclocktime" system expression may be of interest to you. It is the time elapsed (in seconds) since the start of your game, and it isn't affected by the framerate.

    As far as changing the framerate; you can't in C2. The framerate will basically try to match the monitor refresh rate which is usually 60hz.

  • R0j0, Many thanks for this reply !

    i'll do some test with those advice and i'll do a recap here

    edit : Wow, by now (on a basic app) this seems to work !

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