[Solved] Radial Blur Effect

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  • Hey,

    i'm looking for a plugin or any solution, to make a radial blur effect. Can anyone help me?! Thanks a lot.

  • There is a radial blur effect.

    In the sprite properties, you can see multiple things : variables, behaviors, but also "effects". Add the effect "radial blur", and here you go

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  • Ah, thank you. I have found it.

  • I'll try to explain to this file:


    I would like the Backrgound is blurred. Only where the Focus (pink) is located, the image is to be normal. When I move the focus (pink) then the blur should adjust. So I have to do everything out of focus and only where the Focus (pink), it should be sharp and there should be no blur there. Puh, I hope you understand me

  • It's even simpler then. Just add the Radial blur on the layer itself. With a big enough radius, it's quite all right

    Here is your project modified.

    You'll notice I destroyed the "focus" object, because it wasn't needed. I grow your layout a bit too, and added a sprite with 8 direction movements (move it with the arrows) and a ScrollTo behavior. You'll notice the blur moves with the sprite.

    There is a problem if the sprite isn't in the middle of the screen though, but I didn't find a way to solve this, if anyone has an idea.

  • Hey, thank you. The approach was not bad. I once tried something and have come to a better solution. I do not use the "radial blur" effect, because everything here is drawn out of focus - except for the center. This doesn't work. I use a horizontal/vertical blur and dodge effect on a mask. (The mask is twice as large as the visible range) ... The red safety area for the cursor so that the mask is not pushed too far. But well, check it out:


    My English is not the best

  • Nicely done. That's what I tried to do at first, but I'm not the best at visual effects...

  • The thought that counts and your approach was very good! Thank you very much for your help.


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