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  • Hi there.

    I have recently purchased construct, and I love it. I have used impact.js for some time, and while it has it's own merits, I love that I can get a functional prototype up in minutes with this product. Kudos to Scirra!

    I have searched the forums for some time, and came up with the following questions pertained to my own game I am planning/storyboarding.

    1. Do I have the tools at my fingertips to create a jRPG style engine/battle system? (I can create my maps and sprites, I'm talking to complex menu drive battle systems and menu systems)

       - Keep in mind I am not asking to be spoonfed. I am just wondering how     much code I am going to have to write myself versus an event driven system.

    2. Would I be better off moving to a zenonia-style action RPG engine? Would I have more success in construct? It looks to me like the product is geared towards action/platforming scenarios.

    3. Level Design

    Should I be using layouts for each of my maps? Or should I be using large layouts and have the character warp around to different areas as they enter buildings -- which makes more sense? Or should I have one layout and have it dynamically load from area files.

    Thank you for your time.

    PS: Any way I can change my forum timezone? It's like 6 hours off.

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  • Working on an Action RPG myself. Different beasts in a some ways, but other ways they're similar. Might be easier to do a turnbased jRPG though.

    1. Construct 2 can pull it off perfectly fine. Lots and lots of ways to do it, you just gotta find the implementation that works best for you. My tip would be get really familiar with arrays and object oriented approaches. That way you can minimize code but keep your engine flexible enough to add enemies, items, equipment, characters, etc... Everything can be accomplished in events for sure.

    2. The product is geared towards anything you want, really. Action/platformers are just easier to pull off in a lot of ways. Most of the action games people make with it have very little if any RPG elements at all, because RPGs are a ton of work. That said, you'll find challenges either route you take. But it can pull off both just fine.

    3. Using layouts for each map would be less system intensive. That said, depending upon how you optimize your game and how you setup your mechanics... the way you go about it doesn't really matter. What matters is the end result, what the player's experience will be.

    Welcome to the community!

  • I agree with TL22 as I am also making an RPG game.

    You can make an action oriented combat system but I prefer turn based which I would also recommend changing layouts when combat is initiated then going back afterwards.

    I would also like to suggest the usage of a dictionary object and imported text json file to house variables, but it is true that construct 2 lets you skin your cat within the limitations of your imagination, just be sure to stay organized.

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