[SOLVED] I have a problem with sprites.

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  • Hello.

    When I want to create a sprite, i select the image and click ok. It all works fine when I preview my project, but in the engine it shows me just a little part of my image.

    It started to do this a few days ago, and I don`t know why...

    It does the same thing for tiled background.

    I tried to reinstall Construct2, but doesn`t work.

    The image selected is 1920x1080 and the sprite size is 1920x1080, but is only showing me a small image. In the preview browser the image is shown correctly.

    Please help me whit this problem. I`m using Construct 2 from 3 years know and it`s the first time when this problem appears.

    Here is a screenshot for better understanding.

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  • You are the second one bringing this up.

    Other than: you are not alone, i have no idea what is gooing on. When i open the capx i n the other topic, everything shows fine.

    So, question is, what happened on your computer a few days ago ? Got to think/recall.

  • I upgraded to windows 10. Other than that I really don`t recall...

  • Problem Solved!!!

    I downgraded to windows 7.

    My graphics card is old, so on windows 10 my graphics card doesn`t work correctly. This was the problem. Now it`s all good!

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