[Solved] prevent shrinking images on second load of layout?

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  • Thanks to the helpful community I can now load my art projects properly, but only the first time the parts are referenced. The second time the same project is loaded, all the parts have been shrunk down. It looks like they load at their appropriate positions, and the per-part scaleX/Y variables are being passed and saved properly, but they do not seem to be applied properly.

    If this helps:

    arrall.com/beta shows the issue. test/test, then go to top projects to find one to look at, twice(?)

    I tried making 10000 sprite frames, and then setting the frame to some random, huge offset thinking it was a sprite frame issue. No change.

    The "left" and "right" sprites that get system->create object-ed are not global. The layout switches to the mainmenu and then back to mainlayout properly. I am assuming all the extra duplicated sprites are destroyed when the layouts change(?)

    I did try making them global. In this case, the big parts stayed on the screen after switching between layouts, but loading the project again created new, tiny versions of the parts on top of the original, large parts.

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  • It seems to have been that the first time the mainLayout was loaded, the left/rightSprites used 1:1 size. There after, on any mainLayout load, they used the scaled down size I had unknowingly, randomly chosen when I attached them to the layout/layer.

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