[SOLVED] How do I Make a pick - a - one - game?

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  • Hello,

    I'm a part of a student - PHD startup from Poland. We are making a site for children with various development problems and are going to put there games which will help them in their theraphies. Since our tech-programming base is fairly poor we decided that Construct could be the best option for our little games. The main problem is most of tutorials here are about shooter / platformer type games and we are kind of lost how to script our games so they will perform good.

    Let's say we have a game that looks like this:

    1. There is a visible background.

    2. The sound starts and says "Here is Mike. He has three toys - puppies: red, green and blue. Press the blue puppy."

    3. The puppies are shown on the background.

    4. Kid has to press the blue puppy and gets a "0" if he doesn't and "1" if he does.

    5. If he gets "0" he gets a "negative sound" and if he gets 1 he gets a "positive sound".

    As you see, these games are fairly simple, revolving around basic hearing-listening-memorising things. Could you help me (well, us) and enlighten us how to do such game with Construct? Or link us some tutorials that we might have missed and that would be helpful in our situation?

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  • Yes this is fairly simple..

    Add background in the editor

    Add a puppy sprite with three frames : red, green and blue

    Add sound

    On start of layout

    play sound

    on puppy touched

    --if frame is the same as the sound

    add point..

    play positive sound

    -- else

    play negative sound

  • Great, thanks, also a following question of a forum newcomer: if I'd have more questions regarding our games, can I post them in this topic or should I make new one for each new question?

    Also: how can I make the puppies become visible after the sound stops? I wish there would be just the background at start -> instruction / sound starts -> puppies shows on background -> kid clicks them etc. Is there a post describing all the scripts?

  • Like I said, the events to create a game like this are fairly simple..

    If you understand the basics of creating events with construct you should be able to create it pretty fast..

    kids click them would be the event:

    On puppy clicked

    to make the puppies visible on the end of the sound

    Audio on ended

    puppies set visible

    So actually what you wish is right there for the grabbing..

  • It would be best to make new topics and give each topic a very descriptive title that relates to your problem.

    "How do I make games like these" is too generic and most people might not even read the topic because they might think "Ahhh, it's just another noob who is too lazy to spend some time learning how C2 works and he is immediately asking if he can make the next Crysis game or something.".

    And after you have successfully resolved the issues of that particular topic edit the first post and add [SOLVED] at the begining of the title.

  • Ok, I will try to group our game projects in some specific rows like 'puzzle games' or 'pick a one' or sth and will name topics with these names.

    Thx everyone for help.

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