(SOLVED) How do I Get Physics To Work Correctly

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  • I've been messing around with the physics behavior for some time and I can't get it to work correctly. It seems easy enough but I'm just not getting it.

    has started me on the path but I have veered off somewhere.

    Basically the player breaks a crate, a random fruit 'pops' out at random(225, 315), player picks it up.

    Right now, when the crate is broken the apple pops out but falls downward through solids and reappears at the top of the screen, only to fall again and disappear. I'm trying to get it to pop out and come to rest at ground level.

    I've tried changing every physics setting, apply impulse, force at angle, but it just isn't working.

    If anyone could help with this frustrating action it would be much appreciated.


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  • The physics behavior doesn't interact with the solid behavior. You'd need to add physics behavior to the ground and set it's 'immovable' property to 'yes' to have the apple land on the ground.

    Or, this is the only thing you're using physics for you could use platform behavior or bullet instead.

  • Hey thanks for the reply, ramones

    I didn't really want to add the physics behavior to the ground, they're 32X32 blocks and trying to keep memory usage down. i tried the bullet and platform behaviors, that was giving me fits trying to figure that out.

    BUT, i did figure it out using these events and actions. I don't know if it's correct procedure, but it works.

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