[Solved] Physics sleep/awake question

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  • The manual tells me that a physics object is asleep when not moving. Thus not eating any cpu power.

    Would a "set position" or a "rotation behavior" wake them up?

    If the answer is no does that mean i can have a lot of sleeping physic objects without creating a heavy load?

    If the answer is yes then could someone please explain to me how i would make a physics object collide with a solid object?

    Edit: In fact could you guys answer both question?

  • 1- The physics actions are the only actions that can wake it , so no

    2- Give it a solid behavior :3

    I hope that helped ,

    Cheers !

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  • 1. Yes that helped a lot! If it means having a 100 sleeping physic objects is no problem then thank you!

    2. I did but lets say my player is a physic and has the solid behavior. I want to give it a shield around him which is also a solid. They would collide and freak out. How would i fix this?

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