SOLVED Physics interaction with Tilemap

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  • So here's the problem. There is a Physics object called "Bomb" in my project, and it's a weapon the game's Hero uses to push enemies and destroy projectiles. Before Tilemap was introduced, I had a family called Platforms that had the Physics behavior, that had Immovable set to Yes. HOWEVER, I HAVE ABANDONED THIS FAMILY FOR A GREATER POWER: TILEMAP.

    I added the Solid behavior to the Tilemap, so you can stand on the blocks. Then, I added the Physics with Immovable to it. But, My Bomb didn't like Tilemap. It thought that the whole Tilemap block was a Physics object, and not just the blocks. And instead of bouncing off the blocks, as soon as the Bomb is created, it is trying to go out of the layout histerically.

    So I disabled the physics in Tilemap. And now the Bomb is working. But it only bounces off usual platforms, and goes through the Tilemap blocks.

    So, I want to have the best of both worlds: Have both the Bomb working and bounce off solids.

    hw doe???????

  • press 2 to choose bomb, then Z to fire it

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  • I'm not at my pc now, but I thought this bug was fixed already in the latest versions.

    Are you sure the area the bomb is supposed to be able to go doesn't have tiles?

  • I updated, it was fixed. Sorry


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