SOLVED: Object not lining up with bg.

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  • Really new on this software. Thought i try it...looks really nice. Did this tutorial:

    But how do i "move" or set the "view" (Window) to start at the bottom of the screen and not at the to left corner?

    From the images you can also see that the start plattform and character is not lining up correctly with background.

    From the editor:

    From running the game in FF:

    Project file:

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  • Can you link your capx ?

    did you put scroll to behavior and platform behavior on the player?

  • I will put up some screenshots to illustrate my problem.

  • Screen from the editor:

    Screen runing the game from FF:

    Can´t post clickable links because of the forum rules. But just copy pase the links above.

    Note the starting position in my is wayyyy below the trees in the background. But when running the game. My start position is above the trees. Why?

  • dude you cannot posts url :p

    Drop me a mail at agaev.vladimir(at)

  • Check my post again.

  • Does the player has scroll to or bound to layout behaviors?

    I don't really know why it is occurring.

    Try on start of layout->scroll to object; player.

    Ps: try to resize your FF window size. Just curious

  • "Does the player has scroll to or bound to layout behaviors?"

    Yes, the PlayerBox (as in the tutorial) has the "Scroll To" behaviour...but no "bound to layout" behaviour.

    "Try on start of layout->scroll to object; player."

    Added the event. Didn´t work. My platform AND character is still not lining up with the background as in the editor.

  • Changed the first post and attached new images and project file in hope that someone can solve this issue.

  • look at your parallax settings or each of your layers ...

  • look at your parallax settings or each of your layers ...

    Oh....i see. If i had the y set to 50. I understand now how parallax works now...Thank you so much! I was messing around with window size because i though that that was the problem.

    I´m new on this forum. How to i mark this thread as "SOLVED" and how to i thank you....i see the "reputation" score...can i add ""thums up" or anything like that?

  • Re. Title "Solved" - Never tried that but I guess if you go to the first post in this thread the subject /title is in a box at the top - try altering that ?

    re "Thumbs up" - I don't think that is possible ? A "thank you" reply is always appreciated. (A few coppers in a charity box next time you pass one would not do any harm either... )

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