*Solved* How do I use local variables?

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  • Hello, I am making a RPG style game, I have many classes and each class has attributes, I do not want to share these base attributes so I stuck them in a Group name "Warrior", "Mage", "Rogue", etc...

    Each one of these groups I have created local variables:





    so later in my MainEvent Sheet I will add an action to add to Warriors health so how would I do this?

    in programing terms I would do something like warrior.health + 10

    how do I do this in construct?

  • I feel that you've structured your variables wrong - character stats should be global variables, your class selection should then inform the global variable.

    if Mage > set Health to 5

    if Warrior > set Health to 10


    Your damage events then become much easier to manage

    onCollision with arrow > subtract(Defense-arrow.damage) from Health

    for example

  • ok that was my other way of thinking and I was already working with this.

    Thank you very much

  • I used instanced variables for stats in my turn based rpg demo. I put enemies and characters inside the same group and created the instanced variables in the group. There's probably different ways of doing stats, other people would prefer arrays.

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  • Thank you guys for the fast reply. I will look into both options and see what option will be best for what I plan on doing. Thank you both again!

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