[Solved] Images Loaded by URL don't Persist Properly

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  • Hey guys

    So I'm working on my ProcJam entry already, and I've got a lovely way of generating 3-dimensional worlds in slices. This is all well and good and running with a minimum of CPU overhead - I'll document it once I'm done. Essentially it just generates the slices on start one by one, exporting each to a sprite animation frame using canvassnapshot. Again, all well and good.

    What breaks it is using save/load functions. If the window is closed, and the game loaded again, the slices are missing, and the animation frames have returned to their greybox placeholders.

    Any suggestions on how to retain the generated artwork in-between sessions? I don't want to go the long way round, storing all saveable data separately so that I can re-generate a level from a save array - as I know this will be a bit of a 'mare.

    Much love.

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  • Update: Got it - on generation I push all the canvassnapshots to a Dictionary. I save the Dict.AsJson in a LocalStorage value. Works just fine - although loading them takes a while, and will need to be concealed. Marking solved.

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