[SOLVED] Help me with these Crazy Bullets!

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  • So i'm making a beat'em up game with the 8 direction movement applied to the shadow of the player.

    I have events that make the player animation go mirrored on key "A" pressed,and not mirrored when key "D" is pressed.

    So i want to make him shoot on "F" key pressed.

    What i did:

    -I added an image point at the end of his gun in the attack animation

    -I made 4 events like this for this to work:

    On F key pressed > player Set animation to attack

    *cond1*On F key released

    *cond2*Player is playing Attack animation > Player spawn bullet on layer 2 at image point 1

    Player is mirrored > Bullet set angle to 180 degrees.

    Player is NOT mirrored > Bullet set angle to 0 degrees.

    <font color=green>I'm not stupid and see the problem here</font>

    When i turn the bullets turn their angle and fly in the opposite direction.I need the bullets to keep flying in their direction when i turn.

    It could be a cool attack but i don't have that in my mind right now

    Now my question is what alternative event(s) can i use to make the bullet shoot left when i'm facing left and right when i'm facing right, and keep flying in that direction and not change every time i turn?

  • Bullet on creation - player is mirrored - set angle

    This should make sure the angle is only set once and not every tick.

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  • ;D i knew its something as simple as that.feel so sily for not thinking of it.thx man

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