[Solved] How do I make function with object parameter ?

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  • Hello everyone,

    I want to know if it's possible to make a function which can take an object in parameters.

    Lest me explain, in my game I have sprite objects ('Player1', 'Player2', ...), with an array container ('Player1Array', 'Player2Array', ...). This array is an historic of player's positions (Player1.X, Player1.Y, Player1.Angle).

    My game has several steps :

    1 - You control Player1 and the game record his movement.

    2 - You control Player2 (and the game record his movement). The game move Player1 by reading Player1Array.

    3 - You control Player3 (and the game record his movement). The game move Player1 by reading Player1Array and Player2 by reading Player2Array .

    4 - ...

    The record method is the same for all player objects, but not use at the same moment.

    I want to make a fonction to record player but I not be able to specify which player is concerned.

    Do you have solution for me ?

  • Pass the UID of the object and then 'pick by UID' in the function.

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  • Thanks for your answer, but I don't know how can I use the pick by UID ...

    I find a pick by UID, but it's for condition, and me, I will use the UID like : UID Set value at (X, Y) to 1, if I pass an array's UID.

  • If your different players/arrays can be instances of the same object then you can pass the player UID and use it like this:


    If you need separate objects for each player I'd say it might be easier to not use containers and just spawn a separate array instance for each player:


  • Thank you ramones !

    I think this problem is now over.

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